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Smooth & Noise-free

Ball bearings run smoothly and noise-free when pre-loaded with our Original SCHNORR® “K” disc springs. They are available in slotted and non-slotted versions for bearings up to a diameter of 360 mm. Depending on the purpose for which they are used one or more disc springs may be specified.

Since in particular cases the inner ring rather than the outer ring of the ball bearing should be preloaded, all “K” disc springs are designed such that the outer diameter suitable for one size of bearing will also fit the inner diameter of another size of bearing. For example, a “K” disc spring which is designed for preloading the outer ring of a size 6302 bearing, can also be used to preload the inner ring of a size 6205 or 6305.

The use of “K” disc springs has important advantages.

An important advantage of “K” disc springs is their shape of a simple ring. This ensures that the load which they apply to the bearing is distributed evenly around the bearing ring. Additional movement at constant load can be provided by arranging the springs in alternate direction (single series). Conversely, additional load can be applied at constant spring deflection when springs are arranged to face the same direction (parallel stacking).

As all springs are designed to have a highly regressive characteristic large (ho/t) spring load remains nearly constant for large spring deflection.

Advantages of K-Springs:

  • The tolerances built up in the assembly can be accommodated without significant change in preload.
  • Length variations through differential expansion can be accommodated. Any subsequent axial movement of the assembly does not alter the preload significantly.
  • These are further advantages in addition to the elimination of original axial play.


A disc spring is a conical shell which can be loaded along its axis either statically or dynamically.


Ball bearings run smoothly and noise-free when pre-loaded with our SCHNORR® “K” disc springs.


Washers refers to a specialty version of a disc spring or washer used to improve security.


Safety washers can be made from different materials and supplied with different surface treatments.

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