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Conical Shell

A disc spring is a conical shell which can be loaded along its axis either statically or dynamically.

Particular feature: “Highest load in the smallest space”

Effective January 2017 the familiar DIN standards for disc springs („DIN 2092-Calculation of Disc Springs“ and „DIN 2093-Quality requirements, Dimensions“) have been withdrawn.
These solely German standards have now been incorporated into European standards with the aim of securing the availability of high-quality standard disc springs for the whole world market.


  • DIN EN 16983 – Quality requirements, Dimensions
  • DIN EN 16984 – Calculation.


Dynamic Processes

Disc springs support dynamic processes efficiently and predictably: often under extreme force and load conditions.

Original SCHNORR® disc springs excel by:

  • High force in a small area.
  • Predictable service life under dynamic load.
  • Use of highest quality spring materials.
  • Adherence to force and dimension specification.

Materials with the highest tensile strength and utmost elasticity are required to make disc springs.

Materials for disc springs are principally supplied in the following forms:

Carbon Spring Steel per
DIN EN 10132-4

PER EN DIN 10123-4

C67S (1.1231) – Ref: AISI 1070
C75S (1.1248) – Ref: AISI 1078

Chrome Vanadium per
DIN EN 10151

PER EN DIN 10132-4

51CrV4 (1.8159) – Ref: AISI 6150

Corrosion Resistant Steel per
DIN EN 10151

PER DIN EN 10151

X10 CrNi 18-8 (1.4310) – Ref: AISI 30301

X7 CrNiAl 17-7 ( 1.4568) – Ref: AISI 631, 17-7 PH

Heat Resistant Steels per
DIN EN 10269 or 10088-2

PER DIN EN 10269

X22 CrMoV 12-1( 1.4401)

Nickel and Cobalt Alloys for heat and corrosion resistance

Inconel 718 (2.4668)
Inconel X750 (2.4669)
Nimonic 90 (2.4632)

The characteristic features of Original SCHNORR® Disc Springs

  • Efficient use of space with high spring loads with small deflections
  • Combinable in series and parallel configurations to customize load-deflection characteristics.
  • Adjustable lengths by addition or removal of individual springs
  • Largely self-dampening
  • Presetting results in no setting under static loads
  • Predictable life cycles under dynamic loads
  • Long service life


A disc spring is a conical shell which can be loaded along its axis either statically or dynamically.


Ball bearings run smoothly and noise-free when pre-loaded with our SCHNORR® “K” disc springs.


Washers refers to a specialty version of a disc spring or washer used to improve security.


Safety washers can be made from different materials and supplied with different surface treatments.

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