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Constantly increasing product and quality requirements often make the use of custom-made springs necessary.
These can be specifically designed to suit your application.

The use of a special size can lead to considerable product and price advantages when it results in volume production. An early consultation between you and our technical staff, even at the conceptual stage, can lead to tailor-made solutions. We already produce high-quality special springs in large series with the help of our modern tooling plant, our specialized production processes and our testing apparatus. Here you see a small selection from our comprehensive sales range. Inside-slotted springs – form springs – spring parts are made in close co-operation with your development dept. or developed and made accordscr-0187_zusatzing to your specification.


Custom-made disc springs enable their spring characteristics to be combined with their function as a closing device. They have applications, for example, in slip clutches for torque transformers in hammer drills.

We can supply you with complete, mountable spring units which are 100 % load tested. This gives you the benefit of simplified assembly with a high degree of security. A good example of this is the application as a recuperator spring in a disc brake.